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I think everyone at work but me is blowing the manager.


Today I took this picture of my lovely girl Marta while she was reading Baudelaire.

Pynch with kittens - part deux


(1880 words of pynchness and cuteness. and kittens and kisses)

(part 1 here)

(also on AO3)


Adam came back from work at 2 am, exhausted. Sometimes he felt that the only thing that kept him going was that the fact that it was his last year in school. The last year that he had to work himself to the bone for his education. His eyes were closing even as he trudged up the stairs. Letting himself in, he found Ronan sprawled on his bed, all the toys unwrapped and scattered on the floor. The black kitten was chasing a fake mouse and the grey one was tugging on a piece of string. A closer look revealed that it was one of the laces from his sports shoes. It was now in pieces.

Ronan was quick to prevent an explosion. “I’ll replace it, okay?”

He was too tired to argue.

“Scoot over”, he said. He plopped on the bed next to Ronan still fully clothed.

“Is it okay if I stay over?” Ronan asked. “I can keep them occupied so they won’t disturb you”, he said.

Adam didn’t think cannons would be able to disturb his sleep tonight, but he mumbled a thanks and instantly fell asleep.

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Rosamund Pike photographed by Nadav Kander